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We produce the following advantages

Faster Pay

Blue Chip Customer Network

Consistent Work Visibility

Real-Time Job Communication

Performance Analytics

Trailer Assets NOT Needed

Real-Time Driver Management & Notifications

Post Job Reports - Allows You to Manage Your Fleet

Increased Assets Utilization

More Loads Equal More Pay

HSE Support

100-Timpte Bottom Drop Trailers

Real-Time Driver Management & Notifications

Weed Out the Damaging Driver Pool

Keeping Your Drivers Running & Your Drivers Happy

Join the Team - Carriers

Prestige Logistic Group (PLG) is quickly becoming the leader in Bottom Drop Last Mile Logistics, supporting the West, TX and South, TX frac-sand logistics markets. PLG currently operates out of Odessa, TX and is actively seeking qualified Carriers and Owner Operators to join the PLG Brand.

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